Lexicom understands the importance of having dependable telecommunications services at the best possible price. We offer a complete analysis of your current telecommunications network and assist you with designing a network that best suits your company’s needs while working with your other service providers. Lexicom is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by negotiating competitive prices and matching your needs with the vendor best positioned to serve those needs.

Based upon historical usage provided by the Client, current vendor information and current contract information, Lexicom will quantify, verify and analyze your network in the following areas: Wireline, Data/Internet Network and Mobility Usage. Once your network has been broken down, we go out to bid with the vendors of your choice on your behalf. Lexicom will continue to work with your IT department to provide the most competitive pricing for the network that best serves your needs.

Here are the specific services we provide, click on the link to find out more about each individual service: